Terunyan Village

Everytime i visit Bali, i’ve never had a chance to go to Batur Lake. I only made it to Kintamani and i didn’t remember it because I was still a kid. This holiday season, i came back to Bali with my husband and his family.  At the second day, my father in law wanted to visit Kintamani,so we drove from our hotel in Ubud  to Kintamani which took about 1 hour. After we arrived at Kintamani, we decided to go further up to Batur Lake..i  was so amazed with the view..  the lake is surrounded by mountains.. it was sooo beautiful, more than i ever imagine… The sky was so perfect – and the view was breathtaking.. it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visit.. thank you, God for giving me this experience.

Across the Lake, there’s this village called DesaTerunyan.  I’ve read a blog about Desa Terunyan before. It said that the village has a big tree that smells so good, so they put dead bodies under the tree and they never smell bad, but not all off the corps can be put on the ground, only those who died naturally can be put under the tree. Others who died by accident will be burry underground. Im curious about that village and the grave. Apparently, my father in law was thinking the same thing as me. So we decided to rent a boat, which cost us 50 dollars and we went  across the Batur lake.well, I know the price is a little bit high. Anyway,it took 15 minutes from our parking lot (no 2) to Terunyan’s graveyard. Being in the middle of Batur Lake was an amazing experience for me, 180 degrees view full of green mountains with blue sea and sky.. fresh air and fresh water (I got a lot of splash water, thx to the speedboat).  But, I was disapointed when we got to the graveyard.

I had a vision about Desa Terunyan – a big village with an ancient vibe where we had to take a long hike to the graveyard which is full of corps and skeletons. But unfortunately this was only in my mind.

It turns out what we got was just a patch of ground, a big tree, eleven tombs and dozens of skulls. Plus, they charged us 1 dollar each. However, despite all the negativity, it’s still amazing..the view, the lake, the atmosphere.  Two thumbs up!

From Desa Trunyan, we had  lunch at the Lake View Restaurant.. it’s a hotel  but they offer buffet for non-hotel guests as well. The food was average but then again..the view was so amazing. So it was ok. I think..There are other places in Bali that  are also beautiful, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough time to go to Kintamani or Batur Lake, you can choose other places with a good view. Happy Traveling 🙂


this is parking lot number 2


Batur Lake.. so beautiful isn’t it?

got a lot of splash here 😀

Hello, Terunyan Village!!


we’re here

they greeted us with this

The Tree

The Graveyard

Eleven tombs..

this is.. mmm… Skull Storage??

Lunch at The Lake View Restaurant



4 thoughts on “Terunyan Village

  1. Gue pernah kesana pas SMP, tapi pengalamannya gak asik, begitu turun kapal sudah dimintain segala macem, yg topi gue lah, dsb. Untung guide gue sudah pesen jgn dianggep. Pas bbrp tahun yg lalu malah sempet sepi bgt krn ada bbrp oknum yg menyewakan kapal utk nyebrang dan tiba2 di tengah danau berhenti dan harga sewanya dinaikin, atau tamu disuruh turun dr kapal di tengah danau. Tempat itu punya potensi yg bagus banget asal bisa dikelola dgn benar juga

    • Dulu memang manajemennya belum bener, skrg udah agak mendingan, yo..
      pedagangnya dapet giliran jadi tiap hari yang dagang beda.. tapi memang rada maksa sih jualannya..
      sekarang juga masih ada yang nyewain kapal, tp untungnya gw ga disuruh turun sih di tengah2 hehe ga dinaekin jg harganya
      tapi sayang, kuburannya ga sesuai dengan bayangan gw, cuma sepetak tanah doang.. itu juga kudu bayar lagi 10ribu/orang pas sampe sana.. huhu
      tapi gpp lah.. pemandangan gunung dan danau baturnya keren

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