Islamic Arts Museum Review


On February 2012, me and my husband took the “hop on hop off tour” in Kuala Lumpur, which stops at many attractions. This museum is the most memorable place off all the attractions. We buy ticket at the front desk (around 3 US dollar) and go to the second floor of the building. The museum has 2 levels, we can find a lot of Islam manuscript, Islam books and historic objects from China, India, Iran and other countries. Move to the next level, there’s a lot of beautiful clothes and fabrics since 18th or 19th century. It’s also displays king’s jewelries. Behind the clothes area, there are various miniature of famous mosque from all over the world, which such an amazing view. This museum building’s concept are clean, white and minimalist. Supported by café (lunch available from 12pm to 3pm) and big merchandise store, Islamic Art Museum is a place you must see during your visit in Kuala Lumpur



Islamic Handwritten Manuscripts


Museum’s cafe


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